Maintaining the Strength of American Capitalism

ASPEN Institute

December 6, 2019
8:00am ET

Should we be alarmed by recent trends in market concentration? What do persistently low interest rates imply for decisions about when to address America’s unsustainable fiscal trajectory? Will policy proposals such as Medicare for All, Universal Basic Income, or Wealth Taxes achieve their desired aims? This event coincided with the release of the Economic Strategy Group policy volume Maintaining the Strength of American Capitalism featuring a collection of eight policy memos written by leading experts on key the pressing economic policy challenges confronting the American economy.

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  1. Jim Tankersley
    Jim Tankersley
    Economic And Tax Policy Correspondent The New York Times
  2. Damon Jones
    Damon Jones
    Associate Professor The University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy
  3. Chris Hughes
    Chris Hughes
    Co-Chair Economic Security Project