EVENT: Semiconductor Security

Join the AESG on June 3rd for our public event, "Semiconductor Security: The Race to Revitalize US Chip Manufacturing."

Book: Building a More Resilient US Economy

The Aspen Economic Strategy Group presents our 2023 annual policy volume. The book considers some of the most pressing economic challenges facing the United States.

IN BRIEF: Pandemic-Era Student Learning Loss

By Luke Pardue

EVENT: Overcoming Pandemic Learning Loss

Watch the AESG's public event: Overcoming Pandemic Learning Loss: Bringing High-Dosage Tutoring to Students Nationwide

Overcoming Pandemic-Induced Learning Loss

By Jonathan Guryan and Jens Ludwig

The Economic Case for Smart Investing in Youth

By Melissa S. Kearney and Luke Pardue

Why Drug Pricing Reform Is Complicated

Pharmaceutical pricing in the United States is a complicated and opaque process. Authors Craig Garthwaite and Amanda Starc explain the underlying complexities of how prices are set and suggest areas where policy reforms could improve the market.

IN BRIEF: The Safety Net and Federal Spending

by Luke Pardue and Melissa S. Kearney


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