February 04 2019 | Books

Expanding Economic Opportunity for More Americans

Aspen Economic Strategy Group

Many workers today find themselves lacking the skills and training necessary to thrive in the modern economy. Most low- and middle-income workers have not seen meaningful wage increases in many years. Millions of men and women are missing from the workforce altogether. These challenges stem from profound shifts in the American economy and necessitate a dedicated policy response.

Over the course of the past year, the Aspen Economic Strategy Group collected policy ideas to address the barriers to broad-based economic opportunity and identified concrete proposals with bipartisan appeal. These proposals are presented here in the edited volume “Expanding Economic Opportunity for More Americans: Bipartisan Policies to Increase Work, Wages, and Skills.”


  1. Introduction: The Need to Expand Economic Opportunity

    by Melissa S. Kearny and Amy Ganz
  2. A Policy Agenda to Develop Human Capital for the Modern Economy

    by Glenn Hubbard, Austan Goolsbee, Amy Ganz, and Melissa S. Kearney
  3. A Policymaker’s Guide to Labor Force Participation

    by Keith Hennessy and Bruce Reed
  4. Policies to Reintegrate Former Inmates Into the Labor Force

    by Manudeep Bhuller, Gordon B. Dahl, and Katrine V. Løken
  5. The Higher Wages Tax Credit

    by David Neumark