December 01 2021 | Papers

Data-Driven Opportunities to Scale Reemployment Opportunities and Social Insurance for Unemployed Workers During the Recovery

Till von Wachter

As unemployment insurance (UI) benefits and other economic stimulus measures are rolled back, less-educated, minority, younger, and female workers remain at risk of economic hardship and long-term consequences from ongoing job loss and unemployment during the recovery. This chapter discusses opportunities to quickly and effectively expand and scale economic supports and workforce services to assist low-income workers and those at risk of long-term unemployment. The initiatives I describe are designed to yield immediate benefits. They would leave the UI and workforce systems more resilient and more equitable going forward and they could readily be expanded into comprehensive reforms. The approaches recognize the new and uncertain economic environment by integrating ongoing learning and improved data collection. They also take into account shifting economic needs and political climate during the recovery with an employment-centered approach to cyclical labor market policy.


Executive Summary

Employment & Wages, Social Welfare