David Kamin

Professor of Law

New York University School of Law

DAVID KAMIN is Professor of Law at NYU School of Law. His scholarship focuses on tax and budget policy, and he has published on issues ranging from tax planning to the tax code’s effect on inequality and poverty to the role of budget baselines in the legislative process. Before joining NYU Law in 2012, Kamin worked in President Obama’s administration. There, he served as Special Assistant to the President for Economic Policy and, before that, as Advisor to the Director of the Office of Management and Budget.  In those roles, Kamin helped coordinate administration policy on federal tax and budget issues. Kamin earned a BA in economics and political science with highest honors from Swarthmore College in 2002, and he earned a JD magna cum laude from NYU Law in 2009.


Policy Options for Taxing the Rich

Batchelder and Kamin argue the United States must raise new revenue in order to reduce high levels of economic disparity, finance much-needed new services and investments, and address the nation's long-term fiscal needs. They present a range of options that would raise tax revenue and increase the progressivity of the federal tax system. Policymakers can pursue a combination of incremental changes to increase revenues through the current tax system along with new tax structures to generate new revenue.