November 08 2023 | Books

Book: Building a More Resilient US Economy

Aspen Economic Strategy Group

The Aspen Economic Strategy Group’s sixth annual policy volume, Building a More Resilient US Economy, considers some of the most pressing economic challenges facing the United States. The book’s publication comes as the US faces historically high levels of debt that threaten the resiliency of the nation’s economy, including the ability to invest in key priorities and adapt to changing global economic conditions. The book outlines a variety of evidence-based solutions to some of America’s biggest economic questions: Given demographic and fiscal trends, to what extent will Medicare, Social Security, and other key safety net programs need to be reformed? How should the government raise more revenue to address the federal government’s fiscal imbalance? What are priority investments that we should make to ensure the future workforce to grow the US economy?


  1. Foreword: Building a More Resilient US Economy
    by Henry M. Paulson, Jr. and Timothy F. Geithner
  2. Introduction: Building a More Resilient US Economy
    by Melissa S. Kearney, Luke Pardue, and Justin Schardin
  3. High and Rising US Federal Debt: Causes and Implications
    by Karen Dynan
  4. Reforming Social Security for the Long Haul
    by Mark Duggan
  5. Why Drug Pricing Reform is Complicated: A Primer and Policy Guide to Pharmaceutical Pricing in the US
    by Craig Garthwaite and Amanda Starc
  6. The Next Business Tax Regime: What Comes After the TCJA?
    by Owen Zidar and Eric Zwick
  7. Overcoming Pandemic-Induced Learning Loss
    by Jonathan Guryan and Jens Ludwig
  8. The Economic Case for Smart Investing in America’s Youth
    by Melissa S. Kearney and Luke Pardue
  9. Manufacturing Resilience: The US Drive to Reorder Global Supply Chains
    by Mary E. Lovely
  10. Where is China’s Economy Headed?
    by Hanming Fang