Timothy Ash

Senior Sovereign Strategist, Bluebay Asset Management

Associate Fellow, Chatham House

TIMOTHY ASH is senior sovereign strategist at Bluebay Asset Management and Associate Fellow at Chatham House on their Russia and Eurasian programme. Tim has covered Russia and Ukraine for over 30 years, first visiting Moscow in 87’ and Kyiv in 88’. He was a research fellow on Soviet Agriculture in the late 80s at Exeter University, then research associate in Transition economies at Herriot Watt University, before stints at the EIU and as a development economist in Emerging Europe. He worked for 20 years in international banks as a sovereign debt and FX strategist and since 2017 at Bluebay in a similar role. He is an economist specializing in Emerging Europe but with a particular focus on Russia, Ukraine and Turkey. He has advised many governments on country risk and sanctions policy. He writes and blogs frequently on the subject – @tashecon, and regular contributor to the Kyiv Post, FT, et al. Tim has been warning of a defining conflict between Ukraine and Russia since 2015, and was one of the few who was vocal about the imminence of war in late 21’.