Sarah Reber

Associate Professor of Public Policy

University of California Los Angeles

SARAH REBER is an associate professor of public policy at the Luskin School of Public Affairs at UCLA, a research associate with the National Bureau of Economic Research, and a David M. Rubenstein Fellow in Economic Studies at the Brookings Institution. After receiving her PhD in economics from Harvard University, Reber was a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Scholar in Health Policy Research at the University of California, Berkeley. She was also a Staff Economist at the Council of Economic Advisers during the Clinton Administration. Professor Reber’s research in education has focused on school desegregation, elementary and secondary school finance, and college access. Her research in health economics has examined racial and ethnic disparities in covid-19 mortality and the advantages and disadvantages of promoting competition in health insurance markets.


Addressing Inequities in the US K-12 Education System

American public schools do not successfully prepare all students for careers or college. Significant disparities in educational outcomes by race, ethnicity, economic disadvantage, and disability are persistent. At the same time, outcomes for schools serving similar student populations vary considerably. Making equitable progress will require shoring up fundamentals throughout the K-12 system: how staff are ...