Justin Schardin

Deputy Director

Aspen Economic Strategy Group

Justin Schardin is deputy director of the Aspen Economic Strategy Group. He previously served as a senior policy advisor for Senators Byron Dorgan and Kent Conrad of his native North Dakota, and for Senator Dianne Feinstein of California. He was also the former director of the Bipartisan Policy Center’s Financial Regulatory Reform Initiative. Before moving to Washington, DC in 2009, he co-founded a successful tech company in Fargo, ND, covered the 2008 Iowa caucuses as a reporter, and was a frequent radio host.


Introduction: Building a More Resilient US Economy

The post-pandemic US economy features a strong labor market but also persistent inflation, rising levels of debt, and acute educational challenges. These issues are compounded by ongoing, systemic difficulties: domestic and global, economic and political. This policy volume considers these topics and others, with a thematic focus on building a more resilient US economy. The ...