Jens Ludwig

Edwin A. and Betty L. Bergman Distinguished Service Professor, University of Chicago Pritzker Director; Co-Director

University of Chicago Crime Lab; University of Chicago Education Lab

JENS LUDWIG is the Edwin A. and Betty L. Bergman Distinguished Service Professor at the University of Chicago, Pritzker Director of the University of Chicago Crime Lab and co-director of the Education Lab. He has written extensively about a range of social policy problems related to crime, gun violence, education and poverty. He helped found the Crime Lab and Education Lab to partner closely with cities and states across the country to use the tools of data and science to improve social conditions on the ground, which includes the use of different social policy levers to prevent youth violence in Chicago, efforts to help New York City close the Rikers Island jail without compromising public safety, a nationwide initiative to address gun violence by strengthening the organizational capacity of police departments and NGOs in the community violence intervention field, and partnership with districts across the country to overcome pandemic-induced learning loss. He is an elected member of the National Academy of Medicine.


Overcoming Pandemic-Induced Learning Loss

The global COVID-19 pandemic created not only a once-a-century public health crisis but also a once-a-century public education crisis. Unfortunately, the United States federal government’s financial assistance to schools to overcome pandemic-induced learning loss is about to expire – despite the fact that the country has made almost no progress remediating this learning loss. In ...