Vickee Jordan


Finsbury Glover Hering’s Financial Services

As Co-Lead of Finsbury Glover Hering’s Financial Services sector, Vickee delivers decades of reputation management and executive coaching experience to manage shareholder demands, investigative reporting or public offerings. Whether brand building with integrated marketing campaigns or conducting advocacy events for underserved consumer needs, Vickee’s reputation for providing wise counsel and memorable feedback is highly regarded.

Prior to joining Finsbury Glover Hering, Vickee led national media relations for Wells Fargo Home Mortgage and its Consumer and Small Business Banking division. She led Consumer Lending’s Responsibility Center for LIBOR transition and increased awareness for housing policy reform by enhancing the bank’s relationships with real estate trade groups and federal housing authorities. Her team navigated and placed numerous national media inquiries.

Previously at H&K and Ketchum, Vickee counseled financial services teams at J.P. Morgan Chase, Standard & Poor’s, Citi, AIG and The Federal Reserve; offering guidance on congressional testimony and quarterly reporting. Known for her attention to confidentiality, Vickee advised highly-placed executives and offered insight into sensitive, complex transactions. As Director of Communications for Dow Jones & Company, Vickee was the spokesperson for the Wall Street Journal.

A frequent diversity and inclusion moderator or panelist, Vickee is a University of Pennsylvania graduate, and a founding member of Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence and served as a board Trustee for Granite Broadcasting, WNYC and Iowa Public Radio.